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Koa's osteosarcoma diagnosis and upcoming amputation

Post op day 2

May 12th, 2018 · 8 Comments · Uncategorized

Here’s the newest “tripawd” Koa! He’s doing well. Resting comfortably. He’s tired and probably having some post-op pain. He is home as of last night. He stayed 2 nights at the vet. He’s still trying to figure out his balance. He hops with a towel placed under him as a sling. His leg was sent off for biopsy and we should have results in a week or so to see if he needs to do chemo. 🙏🏼❤🐶❤🤞🏻#teamkoastrong


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  • laclear16

    Anyone have any input on post-op pain meds? Prior to surgery, Koa was taking Gabapentin 600mg every 6 hours, Tramadol 200 mg every 6 hours, Rimadyl twice a day and Amantadine once a day. My vet has prescribed Gabapentin 600 mg every 8 hours, Tramadol 200mg every 8 hours, and Rimadyl twice a day with meals. Just wondering if we should add the Amantadine as well? Also how much activity should he be doing?

  • linda8115

    Little to no activity this first week. Just eat, drink, short potty breaks and rest. It takes new muscles to be a tripawd and you don’t want to overdo. As far as the pain meds most dogs come home with tramadol, rimadyl and gabapentin and many with an antibiotic too. You could call your vet about the other one also but I think you’re pretty well covered. Maybe stagger the tramadol and rimadyl by a few hours for better coverage. Hugs it will get better….we promise!

    • laclear16

      OK thanks. I was worried he may have some withdrawn from being on so much prior to surgery. He’s on 2 antibiotics as well and we are also giving him CBD oil as needed. Lots of meds to give. He doesn’t have much of an appetite but he is drinking.

      • tlahaye

        It’s possible he developed a tolerance, but that is a lot of pain medication, and his pain now is likely less than it was with the cancer.

        At 55 lbs. post-amp, Casey was taking 200 mg Gabapentin and 100 mg Tramadol every 8 hours, and 50 mg Rimadyl with meals.

  • Michelle

    Welcome. glad to see him home. I agree with Linda about little to no activity and pain meds. 🙂 Keep us informed of how he is ding

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  • tamtam

    My zoey didn’t have an appetite and had to cook chicken for her to eat. Prayers for Koa!

  • buddymom

    Hello new here. I just adopted our first Tripawd. Buddy is 1 year 3 months. He was at the shelter since Jan 2018. He was a stray that came in with his left hind leg fractured X 3. They amputated high barely a stump. Since we brought him home he has been very active. He is getting redeemed areas on his stump, probably due to pressure. I am a nurse, I do have skills, but I am not used to ortho stuff. I will get him to a vet. ASAP However, i want to make sure his stump is ok. He chews on his bone for long periods. I am trying to keep him some what quiet, since he has 3 new brother’s. Can anyone show me a way to wrap his healed stump or is it better to just get him up more?

    Thank you in advance.

  • hester

    Pofi was about 75 pounds and took 300mg of Gabapentin every 8 hours, 100mg of Tramadol every 8 hours and 75mg of Rimadyl 2 x a day for a few weeks prior and after amp. Later, with the return of cancer, he did take higher doses of Gabapentin (his was a nerve sheath tumor). The range for Gabapentin safe dosage. Not sure of Koa’s weight, but this all sounds about right. Sending many good thoughts!


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